Goodbye, Summer!

“When the sun gets hot and the moon gets hazy
good girls go bad... and it gets crazy!”
Rachel Thompson

Goodbye to Summer

Goodbye Summer

Each year when summer arrives I am full of plans and possibilities. There are beaches to explore, friends and family to host, books to read, vegetables to grow, and The Fitness Program to start. I begin summer from the perspective of an energetic kid who is finally out of school and looking at three months vacation. At the end of summer I look back on my partially completed list and once more confront the reality that I work a full-time job and hate to sweat. Before I know it Labor Day arrives and it’s time to put away my white shoes. Bummer!

This summer I did manage to accomplish one thing on my summer bucket list. On August 22 Moonpie drove me to Charlotte Motor Speedway where I participated in the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience. I have never watched a NASCAR race, but I always wondered what it would be like to ride on a racetrack. Doesn’t everyone want to ride 170 mph in a big oval?

When it came my turn to ride they let me choose which car I wanted. I chose to ride in Dale Earnhardt’s Number 88 Mountain Dew car. I get asked, “Are you an Earnhardt fan?”  Truth is I don’t know Earnhardt Jr. from Earnhardt Sr. and couldn’t pick either of them out of a lineup with Eskimos. I chose that car solely because it it was the only one that didn’t have any dents in it. I think it was a logical decision.

No88 RS

The fire suit was my only challenge that day. They only had unisex sizes in S, M, L, and XL. The small size would have probably fit someone a foot taller than me and about 50 lbs heavier. To make matters worse, when it was my turn to suit up they were out of S sizes so I had to wrap my 5’3” self in a M that would have probably fit an NBA player. The suit weighed more than me, but I wasn’t going to let something like having to wear a canvas tent stop me from my mission. Moonpie literally bunched up the fabric, wrapped the velcro belt around me twice to keep it up, and completed my professional NASCAR driver look by tying it in the back in a bow. He was a valuable member of my pit crew.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

In retrospect my proudest moment wasn’t that I had the guts to do it, or that I didn’t throw up in spite of the G-forces that were pushing my stomach into my esophagus. No. My proudest moment was that I threw my leg up through that car window and climbed into that puppy unaided on the first try That’s right, Mr. Spotter man..no help needed from you today! This old girl did it all by herself! Score one for the old people!



So I’m now thinking about my autumn to-do list. I’m crossing off The Fitness Program and adding “take more walks with the dog.”  Goodbye, Summer. I miss you already!

‘Till next time…

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Tezzie said...

Wow! Awesome!!! I had to chuckle at your perfect logic in choice of car <3. So fun seeing some photos of you...and, I'm totally impressed with your courage. Hope your summer was lovely as well as exciting :)